Northern Arizona University Foundation presents
The Brian Layton Cardall Memorial Scholarship Fund
Supporting PhD Students whose dissertation reseach focuses on Conservation Biology

This Fund is established to honor the memory of Brian Layton Cardall, who died on June 9, 2009 at the age of 32.At the time of his death, Brian was a Science Foundation Arizona Fellow, conducting research for his doctoral dissertation in Biological Sciences at Northern Arizona University.

Brian’s work focused on community genetics, the study of how genetic variation within one species may influence the distribution, abundance and reproduction of other species. This discipline links molecular and evolutionary genetics to population, community, and ecosystem processes, and has fundamental implications for conservation biology, for which Brian held a passionate interest.

This Fund shall be used to provide scholarship support to outstanding Ph.D. candidates at Northern Arizona University whose dissertation research focuses on conservation biology.

The Donors intend to transfer $25,000 to the Foundation on or before June 30, 2015 in the form of cash donations.



Contributions can be made in several ways:

1. Online contributions can be via a website NAU has set up:

2. Direct Mail contributions can be made to:
Brian Layton Cardall Memorial Scholarship Fund
Northern Arizona University Foundation
P.O. Box 4094
Flagstaff, AZ 86011